Cozy Hibernation

Days of Thanksgiving #22

Today we give thanks for a life that feels ‘just right’. Yes, there are always going to be things we wish could be better, that is inevitable no matter what life brings you, but life feels good right now. Our life with Troy has reached a place where we can see the future together, we are planning our first RL visit next fall. This is something that we never, ever, allowed ourselves to even dream about when we started, or even 2 years ago. Life is not perfect, but it still feels good.

The Jian Bears sure do feel like things are just right for their winter hibernation on the Chez Moi Yara Rattan Bed and DICTATORSHOP Heritage Bench.


CHEZ MOI – Yara Rattan Bed
DICTATORSHOP – Heritage Bench
Jian – Bear Collection


Fetch – Florence Table
Floorplan – framed cross-stitch / alone
Floorplan – framed cross-stitch / cry
HEXtraordinary – Victorian Cat Lamp
Kres – Pegboard Heroes – 10
Merak – Three Pillows
Merak – Blankets and Pillow Stack
Pitaya – Classic Rugs – Printed 04
What Next – Maison Drapes
What Next – White Blind
Your Dreams – Dua bedroom – Iron Fireplace
Your Dreams – Dua bedroom – Nightstand

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