Night Fevers

“Night fever, night fever
We know how to do it
Gimme that night fever, night fever
We know how to show it”

Bee Gees – Night Fever

Days of Thanksgiving #7

Today, we are thankful for music. Music has always played a role in our lives, starting with piano lessons at the age of 5. Then it was clarinet, flute & baritone in the school band and chorus. Musicals with drama class was always a favorite, not to mention numerous Broadway shows due to living a train ride away from NYC.

We were raised by our grandparents, but still maintained a close relationship with our mother and father, so this lead to a love of music that ranges from the 50’s straight through to the current music of the time we were growing up. Genre’s from Classical to 2 Live Crew ( we still remember watching that cassette tape melt in the woodstove after our grandmother caught us listening to it and threw it in there, twice, no more Me So Horny !)

We can also thank music for bringing us Troy, as the Live Music circles in SL is how we met in the first place. That lead to a wonderful 3 years managing performers with Music Speaks Management. Yes, we certainly have alot of thanks for music.

This Glitter Jumpsuit from FEC for the November round of Unik had us humming Night Fever from the moment we unpacked it, and thus, today’s theme was decided.

I am also rocking the Tennese v2 skin and shape from Cocoa Matrix, also for this round of Unik. Version 2 with dark makeup is a Unik event exclusive. Unik opens today November 7th and runs until November 28th.

You will need to pop over to MENSELECTED to pick up this Sky pose from LUSH to snuggle up with your own fever giver. MENSELECTED is open from November 3rd – November 26th.


Cocoa Matrix – Tennese Skin @ Unik
Cocoa Matrix – Tennese Shape @ Unik


FAGA – Mini Hair
Orsini – ODYLE Necklace
Orsini – ODYLE Earrings
Orsini – ODYLE Bracelet
Orsini – ODYLE Bento ring
Ysoral – LUXE Earrings – Cindy
Deep Static – Iona Glasses


L&B – Chase Shirt @ ALPHA
L&B – Wrekt Jeans
L Emporio – Khons Piercings


FOXCITY – The Hangout (Sunset)

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