The Face of Creativity

When we are concentrating on something and our mind is quite focused on the task at hand, we have a habit of sticking our tongue out. We rarely realize that we are doing it until we notice that they feel a bit chapped.

This super cute Animated Corner Desk for Two by Love Everlasting for Out Shop Cancer made us feel very creative, thus our tongue came out without realizing it once again. Picking up all of the Out Shop Cancer store items which all proceeds go to helping kick Cancer’s arse, should also be something you do without thinking. The Cotton Blossom Artwork – Pink Fall Trio Framed Art, Tastic – Spread the Hope top and Cherry Bunny – Secrets Skirt should all be right at the top of your lists.

I also highly suggest checking out the Lush Marketplace for a wide selection of poses to suit any and every mood.


All Out Shop Cancer exclusive items are available at the participating Mainstores.

Love Everlasting – Animated Corner Desk for Two @ Out Shop Cancer
Cotton Blossom Artwork – Pink Fall Trio Framed Art @ Out Shop Cancer
Tastic – Spread the Hope Pink Daisy Top @ Out Shop Cancer
Cherry Bunny – Secrets Skirt @ Out Shop Cancer
LUSH – VixenBat @ Lush Marketplace


Limerence – Gloria Hair
Sixx – Thigh Socks


LUSH – VixenBat @ Lush Marketplace

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