All Roads Lead To Home

One of the phrases that gets said quite often when we are talking with Troy, about past events and situations that we have been through, before we were together is “and all the bad, lead us here to each other.” There are many phrases that sound quite cliche but the reason they are said as often as they are, is because there is so much truth in them. Another favorite is “We had to go through so much shit to get here because it takes a lot of fertilizer to grow something good.”

Speaking of roads and something good, Enaitch has released a new Streetscapes set which you can pick up this weekend with the SL Home Decor Weekend Sale at the discounted price before it goes up to its regular store price once the sale ends.


Enaitch – Streetscapes @ SL Home Decor Weekend Sale

HISA – Grass – Mixed Greens

JIAN – Bichon Frise Collection

The Green Door – Ashton House
The Green Door – Layton House
The Green Door – Waldron House


777 – Horizon – Black & Red
777 – Miniature-CABRIO v2 – White
777 – Miniature v2 – Classic Grey
777 – Richy + GTFO!

Grimes Central – US Mailbox
Little Branch – Linden Green Spire Tree
Mesh Mania – Stop Sign
MeshedUp – Single Street Lamp
UrBaN SpIrIt – Trash Can

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