Waiting On Santy Paws

Tis the last day of November, and since Thanksgiving has come and passed, it is now perfectly acceptable to start putting up your Christmas decor. Those that insist on putting it up before Thanksgiving, are just a bunch of heathens!

Today’s post was inspired by our mothers cat Toby. It takes more time for her to put the tree up than it does for him to find a comfy spot for a nap. Unlike the real life version, I forgot to leave the ornaments off till they got bored of the tree.

The Inspiration.


Jian – Cat Collection Fatpack
Lagom – Minna Apartment
Lagom – Modern Kitty Tree Fatpack
SQUARE – Snake Planters
Zaker – Chiara Livingroom Set
Zaker – Christmas Tree @ Dubai Event


MeshCow – Crumpled Paper
Half-Deer – Christmas Garland II
What Next – Picture Gallery Frames
What Next – White Blind

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