Days of Thanksgiving #16.

Today we are thankful for our greatest temptation, Troy. We had thought about saving Troy for Thanksgiving Day, but just like any other temptation we simply could not resist. Our lives have been changed in so many ways for the better over the past nearly 5 years, that we can not even begin to list them all here, nor do we need to, because he already knows all of them. He will be the very first to tell you that he never did anything, and he is right, we did all the work, but it was with his love and support that we felt safe enough to do that work. we are stronger now than we have ever been, and that is not an exaggeration. the love we all share is the most healing and secure love we have ever known.

If you are in need of your own temptation, we direct you over to the Unik Event, where you can pick up the Belzebubble – Taylor Set to wear while you run your way to get your grub on from the BSHouse – Cat Burger Cart.


Belzebubble – Taylor Set @ Unik
BSHouse – Cat Burger Cart 2 @ Unik


Magika – Hair – Amanda
LECASTLE – Addison Sneakers
MONA – SplashWater Bottle


MIDNA – Andre Apron – TARTAN


Synnergy – Fall Pathway Backdrop

POSE – Arysta

DB Poses – Summer Body in Progress

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