What Lies Within

We have all heard the old standard ‘Do not judge a book by it’s cover’ more than we could ever imagine trying to keep count of I am sure, and we all know that the adage is true for much more than just books. It is especially true for other peoples relationships. It is easy to look at a relationship from the outside and think you know what is what, but the reality of the matter is that unless you are a party in the relationship itself, you really have no idea what goes on behind those closed doors. How many interviews with friends and neighbors of serial killers all start out with ‘they were so nice, and polite, I never would have guessed’?

Another case of judging at first glance is this super cute Brivan Cabin from The Green Door. From the outside, it is the poster child for rustic country living but once you step inside, the clean lines and open floor plan leave the decor options open to just about anything. It works just as beautifully with modern style furniture as it does more traditionally rustic, or mix and match to suit your own style preferences.

Why Not ? takes the lead in today’s decor selections. I attempted to showcase as much of their items as I could without being too cluttered. I chose items from both regular sales as well as gatcha set pieces. All are credited below. I did use accent pieces from other designers, also credited below.


The Green Door – Brivan Cabin
Why Not ? – Kearvaig Sofa Set
Why Not ? – Crinan Room Deviders
Why Not ? – Glenbar Hall Bench & Wall Frames
Why Not ? – Strathtay Couples Window Seat & Book Shelfs


Why Not ? – Apple Set
Why Not ? – Applecross Livingroom Log Basket
Why Not ? – Avacado & Toast
Why Not ? – Coffee,Toast & Jam Set
Why Not ? – Delavorar Breakfast Stool-Oak
Why Not ? – Exuberant Plant in White Pot
Why Not ? – Fernilea Garden Retreat Decor Shelf
Why Not ? – Fernilea Garden Retreat Plant Pot 1
Why Not ? – Fernilea Garden Retreat Plant Pot 3
Why Not ? – Fernilea Garden Retreat Potted Plants B
Why Not ? – Finnart Hall Table
Why Not ? – Finnart Picture Frames
Why Not ? – Fortrose Monstera Plant
Why Not ? – Fortrose Table Plant
Why Not ? – Fortrose Yucca Plant
Why Not ? – Glenearn Basket Plant
Why Not ? – Glenearn Fire Place Wall Art
Why Not ? – Glenearn Reading Lamp
Why Not ? – Lochrin Candles
Why Not ? – Lochrin Candles
Why Not ? – Lochrin Floor Plant
Why Not ? – Lochrin Magazines and books
Why Not ? – Lochrin Picture Wall
Why Not ? – Lochrin Pot plants
Why Not ? – Lochrin Table Clutter
Why Not ? – Lochrin Table Lamp
Why Not ? – Lochrin Wall Shelf 1
Why Not ? – Lochrin Wall Shelf 2
Why Not ? – New House Plants A1
Why Not ? – New House Plants A2
Why Not ? – Polanach Floor Lamp
Why Not ? – Rannoch Kitchen Chopping Boards
Why Not ? – Rannoch Kitchen Flowers
Why Not ? – Rannoch Kitchen Fridge Freezer Red
Why Not ? – Rannoch Kitchen Microwave Red
Why Not ? – Rannoch Kitchen Range Red
Why Not ? – Rannoch Kitchen Tea & Coffee
Why Not ? – Tarvie Dining Chair
Why Not ? – Tarvie Dining Table
Why Not ? – Tarvie Placemat
Why Not ? – Ullapool Dessert Table


Alchemy – Little Log pathway Gift
FINCA – Straight long hedge
Fundati – Confier III (Autumn)
Fundati – Confier IV (Autumn III)
Fundati – Hunter Pine III -Autumn-
KraftWork – Classic Fireplace . Fireplace Tools Light Oak
KraftWork – Classic Fireplace . Protection Screen
Llorisen – keating blinds.light wood
Merak – Big Pot Red
Merak – French Press Red
Merak – Kettle Black
Merak – New York
Merak – Pans Red
Merak – Rectangular Casserole Red
Merak – Toaster Black
Merak – Variation with Towel Red
Mirage – Boho Loft Bed
Moss&Mink – Aeryn Kitchen
Peaches – Makeshift Suitcase Table – Blue
Peaches – Makeshift Suitcase Table – Bookstack
Soy – Accordion Curtain