The Power Of Pink

We have all heard the ever popular phrase ‘Sex Sells’, and for better or worse, it is a quite accurate statement. Over the years, I have found that ‘Pink Sells’ is also just as accurate. By my totally unprofessional and non-scientific calculations, ‘Pink Sex Sells Best’ is probably the ultimate in marketing practices !

While today’s post has nothing to do with sex, it does have to do with pink ! I myself, am not the type of girl that gravitates towards pink, in our system, that would be Kait or Bekkah, but it does not dissuade me from being able to enjoy the color from the perspective of someone that does like it.

For me, the Luanne Bedroom Set from Bee Designs, is not one that I would choose for my personal bedroom, but it is one that Bekkah thinks is absolutely wonderful ! Tho she feels the lack of fairies is disheartening, but she has more than enough of those to add her own !

While I have not added fairies, I did add some neon angel wings and daisy flower wall decor from the Isabella Bedroom Set, also from Bee Designs, to help fill out the decor.


Bee Designs – Luanne Bedroom


Bee Designs – Isabella Bedroom – 02 – Flower Wall Decor
Bee Designs – Isabella Bedroom – 05 – Neon Wings


Llorisen – Chester Apartment Skybox
What Next – Chelsea Curtains

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