Safari Nights

Yesterday’s post gave us some serious tropical vacation vibes, but today’s scene screams safari getaway, or perhaps just a themed room in a kinky hotel. Either way, it looks like a good time !


Fantasy Illumination – Giraffe Monstera Planter GOLD

JIAN – Leopard Decor / Static – Look R
JIAN – Leopard Decor / Static – Sleep Floor

LouChara – Kamari Bed @ SWANK
LouChara – Kamari Bench @ SWANK
LouChara – Kamari Giraffe @ SWANK
LouChara – Kamari Nightstand @ SWANK
LouChara – Kamari Wall Art @ SWANK

LouChara – Zendeya Chair @ SWANK
LouChara – Zendeya End Table @ SWANK
LouChara – Zendeya Rug @ SWANK
LouChara – Zendeya Sofa @ SWANK
LouChara – Zendeya Vase @ SWANK
LouChara – Zendeya Wall Art @ SWANK

Why Not ? – Calvine Elephant Decor
Why Not ? – Glenearn Giraffe Planters

ZAKER – Villa Pierre


Dahlia – Liona – Basket W/ Blanket – Cream
Dust Bunny – elephant ear plant
Mura Home – North African Mezze Platter
InsurreKtion – Wabi-Sabi Corner – Wicker Plates

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