That Plant Life

Once again, there is an example of the polar opposite lives that we live in Second Life, than the one we live outside of it. We adore having plants mixed in with our decor, and landscaping. Outside of this wondrous place, our sister got our green thumb along with her own.

There is nothing, that we are aware of, that she has attempted to grow,and failed. Tho it is likely that she just does not mention those when she is showing off her green babies on FB!

Not only is she growing the usual veggies, but her herb garden is something akin to an Apothecary’s Wal-Mart ! She has been taking classes on medicinal herbs for the past several years, and she swears by the ways of the Shroom tinctures. We have yet to be inclined to take her up on the offer to try them, but we have smelled them, and are not keen. But, to each is own, and her gardening is what keeps her sane, so we hope she continues doing it for many years to come ! She has 3 daughters, ages 15 – 5, she is going to need all the sanity she can get for a few years.

When surrounding yourself with plants it is important to have a comfy place to sit and relax. You can’t beat this Traprain Bamboo Patio Set in white from Why Not? Includes Chairs and Table as well as the table decor. The chairs are scripted for texture change pillows and cushions, so you can stylize in a variety of ways and make the look your own.


Why Not? – Traprain Bamboo Patio Set – White


Why Not? – New House Plants A
Why Not? – Potted House Plants A
Why Not? – Hanging Flower Basket F
Why Not? – Sunart Gardning Set


10.Why Not? – Calvine Rug

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