Not All Toys Get Shared

Today’s post, is my debut Something New blogger post ! This wonderfully adorable pose was released for the Dubai Event which is running from August 20th – September 10th. The pose includes the cute pupper, as well as the held stiletto heel prop ( also included is a holdable trainer/sneaker for those who prefer).

So, this is where my dilemma began. You see, when I saw the vendor image for this pose, the very first thing that came to my mind was “Oh how freaking hysterical would that be if I was scolding the poor pup for gettin’ chewy with my vibrator instead of that heel? “. Now, not only is this a sponsored post, but it is my very FIRST post as a blogger on the Something New team, and so I was a bit hesitant to really let my kinky flag fly on the first day, but … well … I also thought perhaps it would be best to let them really know what kind of handful I can be at times.

And so, I took both pictures ! The original, and, the Arysta Twist !

Let this be a reminder to you, to look beyond a stores vendor photo. Just because a pose was created and sold with one prop ( or no prop ) does not mean that you can only use THAT specific prop. Also, on that same note, props are not pose specific either ! Grab your creative license and see where the road leads you. Find your inspiration wherever it comes from, and let it lead you.


Something New – This is NOT a Chew Toy @ Dubai Event


Magika – Michelle
Blueberry – Taylor Shorts
Vibing – Alicia Rings
Glorious Insanity – Casual Crop Tee – WIP
Glorious Insanity – Short Square – Pallete Set #01


Trompe Loeil – Ysela A-Frame Cabin

Half-Deer – Lingerie Clutter

Inner Demons – Dildo Decor Multi

Ama – Vase of Dicks – Teal

Cheeky Pea – Delilah Bed – Blossom
Cheeky Pea – Delilah Blossom Sheer Curtain

Loft & Aria – Barlow Vase
Loft & Aria – Barlow Metalic Candle Holder

LISP – Lilac Thistle Sofa
LISP – Jasmine Forest Rug 1li
LISP – Jasmine Forest Coffee Table – Oak

Peaches – Scia Entryway – Plant
Peaches – Singles Awareness Clutter – Magazines
Peaches – Singles Awareness Clutter – Vibe

MadPea Puppy Care – Bed
MadPea Puppy Care – Puppy Treats
MadPea Puppy Care – Blue Chew Toy

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