Love Your Work

Days of Thanksgiving #18.

Today we are thankful for Troys job that allows him to work from home. Working from home means we get to continue to stay connected through the day, and still have voice together during lunch and breaks.

Creating your own work at home office is as easy as popping over to SQUARE and picking up your own OPLE Study Desk Set.

You will also want a nice comfy chair to flop into during your breaks from all that work, so be sure you grab the Zaker Comfy Chair from the mainstore too.


SQUARE – OPLE Study Desk Set
ZAKER – Comfy Chair


Apple Fall – Halloween Plush Pack – Charlie Cat
KraftWork – Sweet Toddler Room – Clutter Console
KraftWork – Suspended Art
Llorisen – Keating Blinds
Merak – Grey Boho Rug
Mithral – Wall Bar Plant Display
Mithral – Hoya Callistophylla
Mithral – Ficus Elastica Tineke
Rezz Room – Siberian Husky B/W

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