Horny Halo’s

Abby Kἶʂოεէ Anatine (kaoie): Nite Arysta the Angel!

I am dedicating today’s post to Abby Anatine, aka Shorty, for the quote shown above. The very idea that those words were said with our name, is hysterical in and of itself, but as we always remember, Lucifer was an Angel too, so, we have hope !

The most common joke about us and angels is that we ordered extra halos and had them shrunk down and wear them as nipple and clit rings, so they are harder to lose. This usually gets more than a couple chuckles when said in local chat, which does get mentioned with some regularity.

Today’s outfit does not show off those halos but Lilleth Mills – Fallen outfit comes complete with Bra,Top,Skirt and Horns. The top has its own effects HUD allowing you to adjust the level of transparency, and all pieces come with effects HUD for shine, glow, environment and reflection color.

The heavenly Sleeping Satellite Necklace and Earrings by Second Nature Jewellery are available this weekend, October 20 – October 23, for the Saturday Sale, and out a little early for your pleasure !

There are so many amazing pose options to be found at LUSH and on the Lush Marketplace you are sure to find something for every creative desire !


Lilleth Mills – FALLEN – Top\Bra\Skirt\Horns
LUSH – Devilish @ Lush Marketplace
LUSH – VixenBat @ Lush Marketplace
Second Nature Jewellery – Sleeping Satellite Earrings
Second Nature Jewellery – Sleeping Satellite Necklace


Truth Hair – Twisted
Bootys Beauty – Galentine Makeup


Synnergy – Heavens Gate Backdrop


Pose 01 – LUSH – Devilish @ Lush Marketplace
Pose 02 – LUSH – VixenBat @ Lush Marketplace

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