Ropes and Roses

Anyone who has known Troy for any length of time, and run into him while at a live show at an adult rated Sim, or a moderate one, depending on how lenient the venue is, has likely seen comments made in local chat about the silk rope that is always in his pocket. While the comments are always made in very good nature, it is also quite true. So pay attention to those little slips of comments you see being tossed around that you may take in jest, there is often far more truth behind them than you may think.

The contrast between rope and flesh, is just one part of what makes shibari not only an erotic pleasure, but an artform all its own. The precisely placed knots, akin to accupressure, help in bringing pleasure to the pain. Ropes and Roses.

When I saw this Shibari set from Domina I knew it was exactly what I wanted to use to show off the beautiful Karin set from Second Nature Jewellery that is out this weekend for The Saturday Sale. You will find the earrings and choker both on sale this weekend, available in gold or silver. You will also find the matching necklace available in both metals as well, only these are free gifts, so be sure and pick them up while you are there.


Second Nature Jewellery – Karin Earrings
Second Nature Jewellery – Karin Choker
Second Nature Jewellery – Karin Necklace – Free Gift


Doe – Margarite
Domina – Yuuki Shibari – Red
Blueberry – Solstice – Lace Bikini
Glitzz – Lace Blindfold


Kunst – Men’s Rings Collection I
Kunst – Men’s Rings Collection II


FOXCITY – Photo Booth – City Life
InfinitiBloom v2 – Petal Bunch – White


CuCa – You’re Mine Pose *

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