Less Is More

How many of us have drooled over the home & decor blogger photos of a room that is decked out so spectacularly, it should be in a Showhouse Magazine ? I do it damn near on the daily !

I admit to not being too shabby when it comes to some decorating. I can make a room look great, but, I tend to lean towards the less is more approach in my personal decorating choices. While I may love the look of a fully decked out living space, my brain has a bit of a tweak-fest when it comes down to it. I do not like lag, none of us do I know. I may tolerate it at a Live Music or shopping event, I refuse to have it at home, in any way shape or form. This is why, as it has been stated before, we live in a skydome, with no house, no landscaping, 1 chair and 2 cats. Personal living choices do not stop me from loving putting together a look tho.

Today’s look is brought to you by Bee Designs. This is their Full Moon Bedroom set, and it is available at the mainstore. This set includes everything you see here, minus the coffee table with nick nacks and the bedside floor lamp, those items are available from the InkMe – Aoki Living Room Set, which handily enough you can find on the very same sim, making your shopping trip super convenient. The television and plant you can pick up from other places as noted below, or use your own favorites of course.


Bee Designs – Full Moon Bedroom


InkMe – Aoki Living Room Set


Mithral – Philodendron Melanochrysum
Apple Fall – New York Studio Apartment

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