Doggy Paddle

One of our favorite memories is learning to swim. Our aunt and uncle would take us to the lake and we would ride on our uncles back out to the big kids dock so we could jump in and he would catch us then hold us up while we doggy paddled back to the dock, until that time he didn’t.

What we had not realized on that final day, was that he had not had to hold us up at all while we swam back. Deciding it was time to let us know we were doing it on our own, when we jumped off the dock into the water, thinking he would be right there when we came up like always, only he wasn’t there ! He had gone back to the dock and was calling to us to swim to him.

At 4 years old, of course we panicked and splashed like our life depended on it, because to us, it did ! Now mind you, the distance between where we jumped and where he was was about 10 feet, if that. This was the late 70’s and we had no floaties or tubes, to us, it was swim or die time, and swim we did. Crying and near out of our mind we swam to where he was and were immediately picked up and sat on the deck.

we sat and then stomped around the deck screaming and calling him the meanest uncle ever. We told him how much we hated him and were never going to the lake ever ever again. He was laughing at us, and trying to tell us that we had been swimming on our own all day, we just never realized it. So he told the other kids it was time to go home, since we were so upset, and they all jumped off the dock and started swimming to shore, leaving us standing there in horror.

Our uncle swam about 10 feet away, telling us to get a move on or we were going to get left behind out on the dock and get very cold. We started crying once again, but we jumped in, and we swam ! We were about halfway back to shore, with our uncle always just a few feet ahead of us, but seemed like miles away to a four year old, when it clicked in our little brain, that we really were doing it ourselves. We were amazed and excited, we were so thrilled that we started laughing, and turned back around to swim back to the dock !

Laughing and following, calling to the other kids that they could come back in too, everyone went back to the dock, and continued to jump, splash and swim for several more hours. It was the 70’s, we swam or we died. We drank out of the hose, we rode in the back of open truck beds, we lived, or we died. Life was different then, and we grew up stronger for it, in some ways. There are other memories that do not have the same fondness, but those are not for this blog.

For today, happy swimming !


JIAN – Splashy Spaniels / Eng Black Adult Wanderer
JIAN – Splashy Spaniels / Eng Black Pup Swimmer

Kitty Kate – Beech/Plain Bassinet

NATURI – Garden Lamp @ Cosmopolitan
NATURI – Margarita Dispenser @ Cosmopolitan
NATURI – Zen Garden Pool & Deck @ Cosmopolitan
NATURI – Zen Garden Pool Coffee Table @ Cosmopolitan
NATURI – Zen Garden Pool Lounger @ Cosmopolitan
NATURI – Zen Garden Pool Walls @ Cosmopolitan

Tm Creations – [Hibiscus Plant] Pot Clay GP62 @ The Liaison Collaborative


MOVEMENT – Delicious mango margarita tray
MOVEMENT – Wire basket w/mangos (DECOR)
MOVEMENT – lemons open
QE Home – Fruit Slice Rug
High V – balloon pup pool floaty

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