Heart of The Home

Growing up, we always ate as a family at the table. It was the one time of day that we all spent together. There was no television on, no radio. We enjoyed each others company and conversation. Children were allowed to take part in the conversations with adults without being being told to hush or stop interrupting. We learned how to disagree without raising our voices or become angry. Our opinions mattered, at least until the table was cleared.

This classic Tarvie Dining Room Table and Chair Set from Why Not ? brought back some very treasured memories of family dinner.


Why Not ? – Tarvie Dining Table & Chair Set


Why Not ? – Delavorar Breakfast Bar-Oak
Why Not ? – Cheese plant in White pot
Why Not ? – Carberry Country Kitchen Wall Art
Why Not ? – Applecross Livingroom Curtains
Why Not ? – Applecross Livingroom Rug
Why Not ? – Bracklinn Fall Display Table
Why Not ? – Bracklinn Fall Table Display
Why Not ? – Juniper Wall Art 2
Why Not ? – Glenfarg Side Table

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