How To Train Your Bovine

We joke that having been in SL for almost 15 years, there is little we have not tried at least once. One of the things on the ‘Never Have I Ever’ list is farming. We have done a wide variety of breedables, but never a farming system. So when The Funny Farm offered to send us a beta starter set to blog as part of I Pink I Can, we were hesitant at first since it is not something we are familiar with, but decided to give it a go as a new experience.

First impressions upon unpacking was that it looked fairly simple, at least until I tried to birth my calf. There was a minor labor and delivery complication which required a new set of bovines due to a scripting upgrade to the cows. Once that was sorted, proud parents Fred and Serena welcomed a happy healthy baby Noah to our parcel ! We happened to have been watching the latest Handmaids Tale the day of his birth so it seemed only appropriate that they be named as such. So, once he was born, we had to milk Serena and got a partial bottle of milk to feed Noah, easy peasy !

Now there is hay to grow, but, in order to grow the hay you have to fertilize the soil which in case you are unaware of what fertilizer is made of, it requires poo ! Once a day the Bull will provide a Funny Plop of poo to put into your compost bin, then the next day the poo becomes fertilizer. Gross and yet realistic at the same time, minus the smell, thank god !

So once you plant your seeds, you water and tend your little garden patch. All of the actions involve animations which are well made and adorable. They are made in 3 sizes to suit large Adults, Adults and Children size Avi’s. There is a water trough and hay feeder to keep your adult cows fed and hydrated, plus a cistern for water storage.

There is also a badge system, which we have not played with, but from the developers notes I can tell you

” They are a fun thing to do for our Funny Farmers while they wait for new {TFF} items to come out. Badges are not required but our Funny Farmers are earning some exclusive {TFF} items such as collectibles, decorated harvestables etc while completing their badges.

Badges include all kinds of activities like wearing costumes, building items, photography, holiday and celebration days, recipe suggestions, and as more items become available they will expand to crafting and cooking. Our Funny Farmers are invited to join a Realm if they want to earn badges. Each Realm is lead by a couple of our farmers who have completed badges themselves. Each Realm has a different feel but all offer help with badges, farming and give a sense of community.

Once badges are earned by a Funny Farmer they are displayed in shadow boxes of various designs, a nice addition to any farmer’s barn wall! “

You can learn more about The Funny Farm system by visiting The Funny Farm Meet & Greet

Now if you are just starting out in a little back parcel farm, this adorable Garden Shed and picket fence system from The Green Door are just right to get you going until you realize you need 40 acres for all of your fields and cows ! The Crush pose from Be My Mannequin for the Mens Closet event, starting on October 26th ,has Troy trying to figure out what I am reading in this manual.


Be My Mannequin – Crush @ Mens Closet – Oct 26th
The Funny Farm – Beta @ I Pink I Can
The Green Door – Garden Shed
The Green Door – Picket Fence System


Truth Hair – Ginevra with Headband
Cheezu – Quinn Outfit : reborn – FLF B


Legal Insanity – Linus dirty Overall


Chompy Market – Raised Bed Garden Planter
MadPea – Mower Madness – Pink
Why Not ? – Dunvegan Rustic Garden Set Tub Planters
Why Not ? – Dunvegan Rustic Garden Set Stool
Why Not ? – Dunvegan Rustic Garden Set Potting Table RARE
Why Not ? – Dunvegan Rustic Garden Set Hanging Log Tin
Why Not ? – Dunvegan Rustic Garden Set Tool Rack
Why Not ? – Dunvegan Rustic Garden Set picket Planter
Why Not ? – Dunvegan Rustic Garden Set Water Tap
Why Not ? – Martha’s Garden Set Plant Stand
JIAN – Red Squirrel Feeder Tree
Fundati – Confier
Fundati – Great Grass
DDD – Aged Wooden Walkway

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