We don’t kink shame around here, is our way of phrasing YKINMK, or Your Kink Is Not My Kink. our feelings are that anything that occurs between two or more consenting adults, is not anyone else’s business but those involved.

Today’s post showcases our stance on the matter quite clearly. Puppy play is not one of the kinks that any in our system take an interest in personally, but we stand firm in our support and respect for those that do. To each their own and whatever floats their goats, if they and those they play with are all willing consenting adults, have at it !

The Zaker – Doggy Mansion is available at THE GRAND event until April 13th, afterwards you can find it at the mainstore. It is sized quite well for animesh or avatar pups and is sure to be a favorite for any breed.

Short Leash supplies a full range of puppy play furniture and accessories, as well as many other kinks that you may want to explore if you have not already. The Hydrant is the new release for Kinky Monthly, and can be found at the event until April 22nd.


GOOSE – White Garden Wall

HISA – Grass – Mixed Greens

Short Leash – Kinky Clutter Pride Flags – Kink
Short Leash – Perfect Pet Crate
Short Leash – Puppy’s Ded
Short Leash – The Hydrant @ Kinky Monthly

The Green Door – Ashton House

ZAKER – Doggy bone @ THE GRAND
ZAKER – Doggy food/water @ THE GRAND
ZAKER – Doggy Mansion @ THE GRAND


Botanical – Boxwood Hedge
Little Branch – Linden Green Spire Tree

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