Walk With Me

Don’t walk in front of me… I may not follow. Don’t walk behind me… I may not lead. Walk beside me… just be my friend”. ― Albert Camus

When it comes to love, you should never see it as a race, or a competition to see who can get to some predetermined milestone first or fastest. Walk, don’t run, enjoy the journey and the scenery along the way. Stumble, brush each other off, limp for a little bit and heal each other. Keep walking. Never take a single day for granted. Say I Love You more than you think you should, but don’t forget to show it as well, or the words lose meaning, but both are still important.

The next milestone may feel like it will take forever, but forever is what you have. If it’s worth it now, it will be worth even more then because of the strength you built together getting there.

1,781 days and counting, and only 351 days to go. I love you.


HexPosed – CP 1 WEDDING


Glitzz – Lake Dress – Oil
Blueberry – Solstice Thigh Sandal
Magika – Michelle
Heron – Eliana Makeup
Glorious Insanity – Nails – Gradient Set #07


Volver – Jorge Shirt with Vest / Seal
L&B Swear – Wrekt Jeans


The Bearded Guy – Dreamscape Backdrop

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