Winter Wonderland

Today’s post truly made us realize just how much happier we are focusing only on home & decor posts, and not trying to juggle fashion posts as well. Setting up a scene feels so comfortable and natural, where our fashion posts always had an undercurrent of frustration and felt forced. We are not those kinds of girls who enjoy changing clothes and playing dress up, we are the girls that are perfectly happy wearing the same favorite jeans and tee while we stand or snuggle with Troy on our platforms for a week at a time. We do change clothes if we are going to be social and see the same people that already saw us in the outfit we have on, we do have some standards !


GOOSE – Elizabeth Arch
GOOSE – Frozen Fountain @ Tannenbaum
GOOSE – Snowy Sidewalks
Lagom – Covered Rocks
ZAKER – Potted Bush @ LEVEL


Botanical – Lawn Grass
FNY Designs – Clematis Viticella
Half-Deer – Christmas Garland II
LAQ Decor – Park Bench – White
Muniick – Adelia Mistletoe / Holly
Pitaya – Santa Express – Special Ed. Red bag
TrigiGifts – Animated Pigeons
Trompe Loeil – Valiano Lamp Post White
Your Dreams – Best Christmas – Basket Branches

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