Dragon Training

We all know the saying ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ , but we are more kitty dragon unicorn than dog, so we love learning new things. Since we now have a system that can handle shadows, we have decided it was time to slay the Black Dragon and all of it’s bells, whistles and graphic sliders.

The lovely Pickle over at Kaleidoscope directed us to Swain’s BD Settings. You can find those and a plethora of tips, tricks and other helpful info from the Facebook group Photography Help Tips & Tricks SL Edition.

Even with the graphic presets there have still been headaches and frustration tears involved. A large part of it, is that we are so used to doing things ‘the old way’, that we are fighting our own natural instincts to adapt to new surroundings. We will get there. Today’s clique is the first taken with Black Dragon, and a little bit of post editing in Photoshop.

With new tricks come new releases! The stunning Luxor necklace and earrings from Second Nature Jewellry are worthy of any dragon’s horde, and you can pick your very own up at the main store or on marketplace !


Second Nature Jewellry – Luxor Set

Truth Hair – Eclipse

ZVI – Kes Dress – Patterns


piXit – Fractured Backdrop


Foxcity – Breather v3

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After an extended 9 month Second Life vacation, we are back ! We made the choice to come back as a new account, a fresh clean inventory and a rejoining of our parts, stronger than we have ever been before.

When we were discussing what we wanted from our return, we all agreed that we wanted to blog again. It is something that we have all enjoyed individually, and so stepping back into that role was an easy decision.

Walking into a whole new account meant a plethora of choices for bodies, and heads and all the THINGS ! We have made the choice that we do not wish to play musical bodies / heads, and the eBody Reborn body, met all the preferences that we all had. LeLutka was a very easy brand decision, but it took a bit of demo time to finally decide on the Ora head.

We made a conscious decision that blogging this time around, was not going to become a “click and post” thing. We have enough experience with that, as well as over extending ourselves and our posts became more about meeting deadlines, and less about our own creativity and personality. So we hope that you look forward to the ramblings that will go along with our cliquing !


ELIKATIRA – Summit Romper
Yummy – Love Birds Layered Necklace
TRUTH – Meadow
Lempika – 15 Eyeshadow #8
Muac – 16 Lipstick
Bootys Beauty – Oola Lashes



Foxcity – Eyes On Me

All items found at mainstore or marketplace unless otherwise noted