Horny Lil Devil

We seem to have a fascination with all things horny. Goats, unicorns, dragons .. wait, do dragons have horns ? I am going to say yes they do, and since I am the one writing this opinion, I can !

We actually have a RL tattoo on our shoulder of a cute lil devil baby with a diaper and a pitchfork, that was my ‘First day of college’ gift to us, and it is still one of my favorites. Devil on our shoulder at that point in our life, seemed far more fitting than an angel, tho we probably could have used the angel more.

When I first saw this horny lil Yoko outfit from LooKatMe, I thought the top was a kitty, which it certainly could be. Then I saw the panties, and well, those spaded little tails make it quite clear what the devil wants to make you do. The outfit includes a HUD with 5 color options for the ears and spades. There is also a sneaky little demon eyeliner included as well.


LooKatMe – Outfits Yoko


Heron – Toryel
Normandy – Mean Bitch Boots MK2
PROMAGIC – Bandi – Whip – Black
Sintiklia – Hair Yvonne


Versuta – Nana


PALETO – Backdrop – Alley M9

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