Cocoa To Go

Everyone going on about pumpkin spice season, and I am over here just cravin some Cocoa ! Since we have not been able to drink coffee since our heart attack, cocoa has been our go to hot beverage of choice. While we do enjoy tea from time to time, much to the dismay of our British love, we prefer it iced and not hot.

What we do prefer HOT is this Leilany outfit by LsR which you can find out at Tres Chic from September 17th – October 10th.


LsR – Leilany Suit @ Tres Chic


Wasabi – Raya Baret Hair
Bootys Beauty – Laila Shadow
Bootys Beauty – Magdalena Lips
Hive – coffee on the go v2.2
BUENO – March Bag – Gray
MevaDahlia Necklace
Reborn – Juicy Boobs


BuY ME – Stands 1


Your Dreams – Steamin’ Mugs – Coffee Bar

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Hubba Bubba

Of all the senses, scent is most closely linked to memory. Studies have shown that people can remember a scent with 65% accuracy after one year while visual memory drops to 50% after only a few months. The smells we experience play a crucial role in how we associate with memories and places.

Even at nearing 50 years old, the scent of some Hubba Bubba bubblegum can send us directly back like a time travel machine. If you were going to have a contest to see who could blow the biggest bubble, you better be chewing some Hubba Bubba ! Juicy Fruit, was for driving your grandmother crazy while you snapped it, but blowing required the good stuff !

Not only does the scent conjurer images of childhood, but it quite easily has an associated color. No other color could ever represent Hubba Bubba, like pink. From the wrapper to the gum itself. bubble gum should be pink !

When you have DiD, Dissociative Identity Disorder, good memories become something that you horde more fiercely than a dragon might sit upon its’ treasure. These are precious gems in a world with dark corners and deep pits. Bubblegum, is certainly one of the precious pink gemstones of a memory, except the one’s that involve gum in our hair, those are an entirely different matter !

When it comes to memories, we all have our ‘stuff’ that we attach our memories to. Those things we have in a drawer, or in a box in the closet, that even tho they are kept tucked away, we know that we can open the drawer, or the box, and pull those memories back out to revisit them.

Sadly, a dear friend of ours, Sin Anatine, has lost all of her ‘stuff’ to the massive flooding that hit Kentucky last week. She was beyond blessed that she did not lose her life, nor the lives of her Momma or her Monkey niece. The things that are truly irreplaceable, survived.

While no one can ever bring back the items that those lifetimes of memories were attached to, we can help them to get ‘stuff’ to create new memories with. One way to do that, is to go on over to Camp Anatine, where you will find special items from multiple creators where 100% of the proceeds go to the Benefit For Sin fund, including the jewelry set show above from Second Nature Jewellery as well as Raffles and on Monday August 8th there will be another day full of live music as well.


Second Nature Jewellery – Anatine Necklace @ Benefit For Sin
Second Nature Jewellery – Anatine Earring @ Benefit For Sin

Wasabi – Beach Bum
Pink Fuel – Yum Bubblegum

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