Is It Time To Go Yet Mum?

As we hover just on the brink of October, Halloween is already running rampant. Just like all the other children, the fur babies can not wait to get out for Tricks and Treats !

This wonderfully created Dark Side living room from InkMe gives off all those special Tim Burton vibes, which could also be used for Beetlejuice vibes as well. The possibilities are endless, just like those for this super versatile Marjolein dress and Lizzy Boots from LooKatMe. HexPosed once again comes in to save the day with the perfect for any occasion SF 3 pose set. Did I mention that a bow tie is the perfect accessory for anything? Especially if it is the Charming Collar by Short Leash !


LooKatMe – Marjolein Dress
LooKatMe – Lizzy Boots
InkMe – Dark Side Living Room
HexPosed – SF 3 Set
Short Leash – Charming Collar


Nuve – Hailey Skin – Snow
Sintiklia – Kendra Hair
Deep Static – Francesca Fall Shades
Synergy – HD Eyeshadow – Lodi
Gorsimi – Azagoth Lipsticks II


Fetch – Szalina Curtain
FOXES – Dead Cute – Zombiecorn – Grey
You Need – Wooden LED panel White
You Need – Wooden LED panel Black
JIAN – Hallow-Inu – Skeledog

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