I Smell Sex And Zombies

When we first saw the vendor picture for this backdrop from Synnergy Tavis, we knew what it was without having to read the name. it is the bus from Into The Wild. For those who may not be familiar with why that is significant, it is both a 1996 book and 1997 movie of the same name.

If you have read or seen one or the other, then you likely knew this imagery yourself, and also know why this is such a bipartisan tale. The story tends to separate people into two teams. Team ” He was a brilliant, tortured soul who just wanted to live a life true to himself and not materialism ” or ” What the hell, the kid was a brilliant idiot ! ” If you have not read or seen, we are not going to leave you with any more spoilers, and hopefully you will take your own adventure into this take, and decide for yourself which team you join.

We decided to take a spin on the classic story and add zombies and sex, because those just jump up the popularity of everything !


Dictatorshop – Dystopia – Body Traps SS OMNI AK
Dictatorshop – Dystopia – Pony SS OMNI AK
Dictatorshop – Dystopia – Sawhorse OMNI AK
Dictatorshop – Dystopia – Scaffold Rezzer OMNI AK

SYNNERGY TAVIS – Into the wild Backdrop


Keis Spot – Zombie Apoc Deck
Keis Spot – Zombie Apoc Gacha Flag
Keis Spot – Zombie Apoc Gate
Keis Spot – Zombie Apoc Wall (blue metal)
Keis Spot – Zombie Apoc Wall (green metal)
Keis Spot – Zombie Apoc Wall (yellow metal)

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