Black Tie Affair

I just love it when an idea comes together organically, without having to search and plan and search again. I had just happened to pick up this Eria Set from LeiMotiv over the weekend on one of my weekend sale shopping sprees because I thought it was far too cute to pass up. Coincidentally, I was also honored to be accepted to the blogger teams for both HexPosed, and Short Leash this same weekend.

HexPosed has this stunning pose as part of its Goodbye Summer pose set available at Liaison Collaborative till October 10th, then Short Leash has the perfect Charming Collar bow. Mix the two together with my LeiMotiv purchase then add some smashing Taby Garters from LooKatMe and perfection is made.


HexPosed – Goodbye Summer @ Liaison Collaborative
Short Leash – Charming Collar
LooKatMe – Taby Garters


Doe – Saturday
LeiMotiv – Eria Set
MAZE mods = Soft Thighs
JOY – Choco Lipstick
Sugarose – Aurora Eyeshadow

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