Days of Thanksgiving #3

Today we are thankful for good internet. It may sound a little questionable that internet service makes our list of things to be thankful for, but in all honesty, our internet service is nearly as vital to our mental well being as any medication.

We have been involved in one form of online chat or another since 1993, with good ol’ TC/PIP chat from a campus computer lab. Screens that only showed neon green or orange text, and no graphics. After that it was AOHell and IRC, then Excite Chat, VP Chat, Halsoft, Voodoo, Yak, and then in 2007 we landed in Second Life. Hard to think about it now, but this month marks Nakari’s 15th Rezday. So much has changed, and yet so much has stayed the same.

For something new, you should head over to Bee Designs and pick up the Elle Bedroom Set, and be sure to check out the other room sets, because they mix and match together so well !


Bee Designs – Elle Bedroom


Bee Designs – Full Moon Bedroom – 05
Bee Designs – Full Moon Bedroom – 06
Bee Designs – Full Moon Bedroom – 07
Bee Designs – Full Moon Bedroom – 08
Bee Designs – Full Moon Bedroom – 11
Bee Designs – Full Moon Bedroom – 12
InkMe – Aoki Living Room
Your Dreams – Montebello Bedroom – Moon lamp

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