Paris Romance

Romance, is a wonderful thing, and it has as many definitions as their are people to give their definition of it. What is romantic to one person, may do absolutely nothing for another. It is a widely known opinion that Paris is one of the most romantic places on earth, and yet, for us, Paris does not bring thoughts of romance it brings thoughts of narrow roads and crazy drivers, too many people and memories of classmates brushing their teeth in the bidet at the hotel. None of these things bring thoughts of romance, even if they do bring some pretty funny memories of a very drunken start of a senior year trip to Europe.


SYNNERGY TAVIS – Rue Cremieux [360] Backdrop
Aphrodite – Romance Dining Set For Two


Artisan Antiques – Angel of Love: Proposal Statue
Fancy Decor + KraftWork – Fete d’hiver: Persian Rug
Sways – [Love] Petals – random . pink

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