A Travelin Man

The man I loved had a sellin route
Selling goods from house to house
And I knew my mama would never stand
For me stepping out with no traveling man

My mama bought things that he was a’selling
But mama didn’t know and I sure wasn’t telling
That behind her back I was making plans
To meet somewhere with that traveling man

Oh, the traveling man was a good bit older
But a girl needs arms to hold her
And mama didn’t know ’cause I didn’t told her
Cuz she wouldn’t understand
Me stepping out with a traveling man


Erfe – Pandora modular wardrobe
Erfe – Pandora Bed
Erfe – Pandora Commods
Erfe – Pandora Decorative Set
Erfe – Pandora Dresser
Erfe – Pandora Rug
Erfe – Vase Grey


David Heather – Belgore Luggage
David Heather – Duffle Pile
David Heather – Ersch Gym Bag 2
David Heather – His Jewelry Box
Dust Bunny & Consignment – cider sunsets . vintage trunk
MYSA – Laundry Basket
ZADIG – Deadrain Skybox

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