Heavy Lifting

Today is the 7th of the month and that means it is time for a new round of Unik !

Two Moon Gardens brings you this spectacular Rambling Retreat complete with picnic table with basket and wine plus falling leaves to set the mood just right for your autumn picnics.

This adorable Citrouille pose set from PiXit includes 8 poses plus mirror versions, as well as pumpkins galore for holding as well as decor.

One of my favorite items to play with for this post, is one that you can not see itself in the above photo, but one that is very present. It is the Posejector 2 from Image Photography.

We all have our favorite photography tools and pose huds or stands, I know that I do, or did. The Posejector 2 is packed full of features including being a pose HUD and a lighting system all in one. It not only allows you to pose and light yourself, but others in the scene as well, all from one HUD. I have posed both Troy and myself in this photo using one HUD, as well as set the lighting.

As with any new tool, there is a learning curve. The basic use and setup is fairly straight forward if you are used to working with other pose or lighting systems, it just takes some fiddling and playing with it to get used to this HUD’s specific tools and locations of what you want to do. I will for sure be using it on many photos in the future and can not wait to see what else it is capable of.

You can find even more information by watching the you-tube video : https://youtu.be/71UnkDNfOXk


Two Moon Gardens – Rambling Retreat @ Unik
PiXit – Citrouille @ Unik
Image Photography – Posejector 2 @ Unik


Pixicat – Lori Dress
Magika – Gemma
Yummy – Love Birds Earrings


Mossu – Ralph Shirt
Mossu – Chase Jeans


Two Moon Gardens – Rambling Retreat @ Unik


PiXit – Citrouille @ Unik

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