Do You Pink You Can?

I Pink I Can (IPIC for short) is a Strides event for The American Cancer Society. All proceeds go to help fund breast cancer research. While the event officially begins on October 15th, today will be a soft opening for 1 week before all the live music events for those who would like to come explore and shop without all the added traffic from the live event audience. IPIC is connected directly to The American Cancer Society sim and is family friendly and fun for all ages. With over 30 vendors, including our very own Glorious Insanity, as well as the wonderfully creative Something New, more raffles than I can think of from amazing stores and places around the grid PLUS this year we are working with Ry Heslop and his partner B to bring an interactive Halloween experience!

Check out Camping For A Cures website for all you need to know…..

Need some more incentive? How about the Belleza raffle for 2 new bodies, not one, TWO, one for you and one for your bestie ! Now there is some incentive !


Something New – Trick or Treat Barn @ I Pink I Can
Glorious Insanity – Assorted T-Shirt’s @ I Pink I Can


Something New – Games Night Who Dunnit*

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