Merry Pinkmas

As those who know us are aware, Kait and Bekka are the pink fans in our system. While the rest of us abide by its presence, it is not a color that makes a heavy presence in our collective lives. So since a Merry Pinkmas is not allowed in our RL, Kait took great joy in putting together a very happy one in SL.

The Lagom Old England Loft and Chez Moi Oslo Bedroom can both be found at Equal10. The Why Not ? – Evanton Christmas Tree is available at the mainstore.


Chez Moi – Oslo Bedroom @ Equal10
Lagom – Old England Loft @ Equal10
Why Not ? – Evanton Christmas Tree-Pink & White


D-LAB – Give & take man
Floorplan – frame collage / santa
Floorplan – framed cross-stitch / alibi
Floorplan – leaning mirror / midnight
Half-Deer – Christmas Garland II – Flocked
Half-Deer – English Ivy
Half-Deer – Firefly Glass Cloche
Half-Deer – Star & Moon Confetti – Silver
HEXtraordinary – Sitting Krampus Plushie- Winter
KraftWork + Pitaya – Reading Nook. Books

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