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Oree and Zander Rawr make cameo appearances in today’s photo. Zander is the newest addition to the Pruitt-Nelson pride, and has as of yet made a full public appearance, but be on the lookout for that in the near future.

What you can be on the lookout for right now is this gorgeous Micka living room set from Chez Moi available at ACCESS. The KittyKateZooby Natural Babychair and plants by What Next you can find at their respective main stores.


CHEZ MOI – Cotton Flower Jar
CHEZ MOI – Micka Chair @ ACCESS
CHEZ MOI – Micka Chaise @ ACCESS
CHEZ MOI – Micka Coffee Table @ ACCESS
CHEZ MOI – Micka Couch @ ACCESS
CHEZ MOI – Micka Decor @ ACCESS
CHEZ MOI – Micka Vase Set @ ACCESS

KittyKateZooby Natural Babychair

What Next – House Plant – Agave
What Next – House Plant – Eucalyptus (stand)
What Next – House Plant – Rubber Tree (stand)
What Next – Pothos Plant (trailing)
What Next – Snake Plant (stand)
What Next – Swiss Cheese Plant (stand)


Fundati – Pinus Pinaster Pine Tree
BALACLAVA – Floating Mattress [Memphis]
BALACLAVA – Off-Time Shelf
Landscapes Unlimited – PORTO COAST 1/4 Sim Corner Environment
Mithral – Geometric Shelf Set
Petite Mort- Naturalist Rug Green Jute
Petite Mort- Naturalist Shelf I
Petite Mort- Naturalist Shelf II
Petite Mort- Naturalist Shelf III
Trompe Loeil – Valdis Cliffside Ranch
Zooby – Animesh Plush Kitty Colors
Zooby – Cereal Bowl
Zooby – Sippy Cup Design

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