Camping With Toddlers

To anyone who has gone camping with small children, you know how absolutely surreal the above picture looks. That is what commercials make you think your family camping trip will look like, all neat and orderly and serene. We know the truth, your campsite is going to look like a sleuth of wild bears rampaged through it before you even get the tent up !

Kitty Kate has got your SL families covered with this super cute Bear Camp set. Scripted for TD/Lulubee as well as Zooby animesh it includes everything you need to have a right proper family vacation, even if you are only camping in your own back yard !


GOOSE – Tower Cabin – The Lookout red

Kitty Kate – Bear Camp Clutter
Kitty Kate – Bear Mat
Kitty Kate – Camp Outdoor Table
Kitty Kate – CampMat
Kitty Kate – Decor Camp Rug
Kitty Kate – Family Bear Camp Tent
Kitty Kate – FamilyCamp Stove
Kitty Kate – Indoor DecorCamp Table
Kitty Kate – MS Camp Family Bed
Kitty Kate – Parent Camping Chair
Kitty KateZooby Camp Playmat
Kitty KateZooby CampBed
Kitty KateZooby Family Camp Chair

Salmagundi – Fawn 01 – V01
Salmagundi – Fawn 01 – V02
Salmagundi – Fawn 01 – V03
Salmagundi – Fawn 01 – V04

Tm Creations – [Bushes Mix] 4 types Bush with Rocks


DaD DESIGN – “Giant Oak Mature”
DaD DESIGN – “Oak Tall”
Junk Food – Fishing Cooler (Red)
Junk Food – Outhouse
Junk Food – Picnic Basket (Rez)
Junk Food – Picnic Table Dark
Little Branch – Young Chestnut Tree
Little Branch – Young Ginkgo Tree
Muniick – Coastline Camp Fire Wood
Your Dreams – Industrial Kitchen – Iron camping stove

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