Backyard Bliss

Who needs a beach when you have your very own pool in the back yard ? The Westwood Pool from The Green Door is available at Cosmopolitan until tomorrow, and then you can find it at the mainstore. This fantastic pool offers both in-ground and above ground options so it works beautifully on the ground or on a platform !


CHEZ MOI – Savaii Coffee Table
CHEZ MOI – Savaii Couch

Lagom – Nadia Fence

The Green Door – Harrison House
The Green Door – Westwood Pool @ Cosmopolitan

Tm Creations – GP33 Banana Pot v1
Tm Creations – GP33 Banana Pot v2
Tm Creations – GP33 Banana Pot v3

What Next – Chaise Pool Lounger
What Next – Flamingo Drinks Float
What Next – Flamingo Pool Float
What Next – Jumbo Beach Ball
What Next – Mermaid Pool Float
What Next – Pool Ring


BROKEN ARROWS – Tatham – Rug – Mix II
FINCA – The Grill8
Fundati – Ashes Tree
LOVE Superstore – ASH TREE
Mithral – Full Plant Shelf V2 (Natural)
Mithral – Geometric Shelf Set (Light)
Mithral – Tiered Block Cactus Display (Pack A)
Mithral – Wall Bar Plant Display (White)

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