Movie Nights

One of our most favorite events of the year is upon us ! I Pink I Can benefits The American Cancer Society’s Strides campaign and is working in partnership with Linden Labs. One of the super fun events going on this year is the spooky maze sponsored by HiVid. As you journey through the maze you will find 5 family fun Halloween movies but we are not about to ruin the surprise of which ones they might be so go get lost and found ! If you are in need of a HiVid television they also have one available to purchase at the main shopping area with the proceeds going directly to Strides event. This is the perfect chance to give back and get entertained at the same time.

You can find out more about the event here : I Pink I Can Linktree

In our usual public service announcement fashion, we also wanted to mention that according to a paper published by the National Bureau of Economic Research, while a television in your bedroom may not kill your sex life, it is associated with a decrease in the amount of sex you are having.

The paper, published in 2018, examines the association between television ownership and sexual frequency using data from nearly 4 million individuals in national household surveys in 80 countries from 5 continents.


CHEZ MOI – Paseo Accent Table @ Cosmopolitan
CHEZ MOI – Paseo Dark Bed @ Cosmopolitan

Erfe Designs – Helen Floor Light with canvas

HiVid – Smart TV @ I Pink I Can
HiVid Gift – Corpse Bride DVD @ I Pink I Can

Lagom – Mariann Add-On Window
Lagom – Mariann Curtains

Kaerri – Les Feuilles Pumpkin Pile @ Cosmopolitan
Kaerri – Les Feuilles Rug @ Cosmopolitan
Kaerri – Les Feuilles Stand @ Cosmopolitan
Kaerri – Les Feuilles Vase1 @ Cosmopolitan
Kaerri – Les Feuilles Vase2 @ Cosmopolitan
Kaerri – Les Feuilles Wreath @ Cosmopolitan

Soul2Soul – Bergere Pendant Light (Bell) @ Cosmopolitan

Glorious Insanity – Picture Frames Gift @ I Pink I Can


Consignment – Monkey Head Planter
Consignment – Rope Shelf
Tartessos Arts – Studio Turntable Cabinet *

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