East Of The Hudson


Erfe Design – Satisfy Decorative Set
Erfe Design – Smyrna Table Light

KraftWork – Hanging Clothes Clutter . Basic T-Shirt Pride
KraftWork – Hanging Clothes Clutter . Button Down Shirt Pride
KraftWork – Hanging Clothes Clutter . Cropped Sweater Pride
KraftWork – Hanging Clothes Clutter . Knotted Tee Pride
KraftWork – Hanging Clothes Clutter . Summer Dress Pride

Soul2Soul – Coastal Chic Decor Boxes

What Next – House Plant – Agave
What Next – House Plant – Eucalyptus
What Next – Zahara Rug (natural)

ZADIG – Hudson Bed @ Cosmopolitan
ZADIG – Hudson Bedside Table @ Cosmopolitan
ZADIG – Hudson Chair @ Cosmopolitan
ZADIG – Hudson Chest of Drawers @ Cosmopolitan
ZADIG – Hudson Clothes Rack @ Cosmopolitan
ZADIG – Hudson Fishermans Wheel @ Cosmopolitan
ZADIG – Hudson Ottoman @ Cosmopolitan
ZADIG – Hudson Towel Decor @ Cosmopolitan

ZAKER – Ginette Boxes


Atelier Burgundy – Autumn Leaves Colorful
Nutmeg / ReKa – Gift Boxes
Second SpacesMessy Bookshelf – Beige Fileboxes
Trompe Loeil – Yaritza Cabin

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