No Kids Live Here

We all have memories of “that room”, growing up ours was our best friend’s grandmothers sitting room. It was for adults only, and we certainly were not to even think of taking food nor beverage anywhere near it. the carpet was white, and the furniture was posh and super uncomfortable. We used to joke that sitting in there felt like sitting in the funeral home. It was the place to be seen and not heard. Every other room felt like a second home to us, but even well into our adulthood, it felt ever so odd to be invited into that room to visit.


CHEZ MOI – Kings Piano @ Equal10
Dictatorshop – Louis – Chair
Dictatorshop – Louis – Display Case Decor
Dictatorshop – Louis – Side Table Decor
Dictatorshop – Louis – Sofa


Bricolage – Antique Blue Floral Persian Rug
Dirty Princess – The High Society Princess Drapes
Fapple – Alexander Glass Coffee Table
FOURTH WALL – Spegla Mirror – Silver
Llorisen – Wilby Pied-a-Terre Skybox v2 *modified
North Oak – Peony Wide Flower Vase
Monarchs – Woman Holding a Light Mirrored- Gift
Nutmeg – Chandelier Gift
Nutmeg – Glass Door Cabinet *modified
Nutmeg – Retro Glam Telephone Cream w/Pearls
Nutmeg – White Vase

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