Plundered Booty

One of our favorite things about the HISA – Kahakai house is that it has a built in koi pond on the roof ! This is a completely outstanding use of space, and it offers not only a spacious entertaining space, but an excellent use of that space. It is spectacular for those that prefer their playroom dungeon to be a bit more airy too, and Dictatorshop provides the perfect toys for any pirate wishing to plunder some or someone’s booty !

As with most Dictatorshop items, they come in an assortment of configurations to suit the needs and tastes of the pluderer, as well as the always present texture change menu that make mixing and matching with other decor far easier than walking the plank !


Cerridwens Cauldron – Fabulous Planet Globe – Brass
Dictatorshop – Smugglers Cove – Cannon
Dictatorshop – Smugglers Cove – Captains Wheel
Dictatorshop – Smugglers Cove – Plunder Pile Trios
Dictatorshop – Smugglers Cove – Trunk
HISA – Kahakai


Eyes of Desire – Octagon Rug (red)
InkMe – Pirate’s Bedroom 10
InkMe – Pirate’s Bedroom 13
gerardosantos – Pirate Treasure – Barrel
gerardosantos – Pirate Treasure – Beltaine
gerardosantos – Pirate Treasure – Chest
gerardosantos – Pirate Treasure – Crate
gerardosantos – Pirate Treasure – Sack
gerardosantos – Pirate Treasure – Treasure
LadyBunnys Fantasy – Pirate sail from Bruno ‘The Stubborn’ Alby
Nutmeg – Piled-up Rugs
Zerkalo – Budapest Huge Pile of Books

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