Dinner Party

One of the things we absolutely love about the Louis collection from Dictatorshop is that it is so versatile. It can go from antique elegance to farmhouse chic with a click of the texture menu.


Dictatorshop – Louis – Dining Table
Dictatorshop – Louis – Display Case

Enaitch – Low wood wall panel

The Green Door – Ludo House @ UBER

What Next – Border Rug (natural)
What Next – Colonna Sideboard – Mix/Decor
What Next – Fiddle Leaf Plant (basket)
What Next – House Plant – Eucalyptus (stand)
What Next – Picture Gallery Frames (Contemporary)
What Next – Picture Light + Frame


Erfe Design – Gaya Decorative Set
Erfe Design – Moroccan Decorative Set
Erfe Design – Shell Decorative Set
KraftWork – Cerello Collection – Rose Vase
KraftWork – Draycott Bar Collection – Antique Chandelier

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